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Group Classes

ISTA annually offers group lessons in several languages, face-to-face, at our facilities in Albufeira or Online.

The courses run from October to June, in fifty-hour quarterly modules, with assessment at the end of each module.

2022/23 academic year

Quarterly Classroom Courses:

Duration: 50 hours (live lessons)

includes access to online platform

Enrollment: 40€

Price: 465€

Prompt Payment (-40€) =425€

or Payment in 3 monthly installments

Price list last updated: December 29, 2022


Private lessons

In the regime of private lessons the program is developed according to the student, which allows greater flexibility both in terms of timetable and in terms of topics to be studied.

Private lessons guarantee total attention from the teacher, which provides a learning process adapted to the student, with a higher performance.


Price List 2022/23


Individual Lessons
1-9 hours - 30 €/hour
10 hour package - 280€
30 hour package - 810€

Private Group (2 students)
1-9 hours - 17 €/hour
10 hour package - 160€
30 hour package - 450€

Private Group (3 students)

1-9 hours - 13 €/hour

10 hour package - 120€

30 hour package - 330€


Private Group (4 students)

1-9 hours - 10 €/hour

10 hour package - 100€

30 hour package - 255€

Private Group (more than 4)
On request.

All prices shown are per student.

Price list last updated: December 29, 2022


Training for Companies

The Instituto de Artes e Letras de Albufeira is already trusted by companies in the region for its annual training plans in several languages ​​(English, Portuguese, French, German and Spanish).


Our training programs are tailored to the needs of your company, providing administrative staff or employees with practical learning and adapted to the real and concrete needs of their activity.


Training for companies can take place at our Institute or at your facilities.

For more information, such as programmes, training plans and quotations, please send an email to


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